Printmaking is a great way to tell stories. Even when printed material can have connotations of being quick, cheap, obsolete, or commercial. The value of a considered approach to reproducing images is all about community. Developed from shared spaces open to new stories, storytellers and audiences.

I experiment with various types of printmaking, but recently have focused on moku hanga, a woodblock printing method introduced to me during a stay in Kyoto Japan. Much of my work is human or figure based, and there is also a continuing theme of travel and journeying. Every work I make is related to the last like a person walking a path among ever changing surroundings. In this spirit I think of art viewers as participants and collaborators in the sense that their thoughts add context to my work.

I am exploring how to make art spaces more open and shareable. Turning the private nature of fine art into open and public access is my goal. Storytelling’s magic comes from its collaborative spirit that can be so strong that it has the power to change a person or group’s realities for the better.

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